Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Positivity is awesome!

Hey, Que Onda familia!

So, yeah, I am having a son... President Ferman called last tuesday and straight up said, ¨Elder High, So you are going to be a trainer in the next change, how do you feel.¨ ¨Uh, good president..¨ Really, Im scared to death. I do not feel ready to be a Senior Companion, and definitly not a trainer, but I guess this is what i need to be doing. I have less than 6 months, and i hardly know this area, and the members, and i feel like I hardly know this language. On top of that, I got a call from my district leader in the morning, saying that president is thiking of sending me to open a new area thats been closed for over a year. I do not know how I could posibly train in an area that literally has nothing and that i know nothing of. Im not going to lie, I dont want to leave this area. Again like my other area, weve revived this area. This friday we  have a wedding and 2 baptisms. The next week, another baptism, and the next week 2 weedings and 4 baptisms. Ive gone almost 6 months of building up areas and then to leave without witneseing the fruits of my labor. Im really praying to stay. 

Other than that, this past week has been pretty normal. Weve been helping multiple investagators with the last step before baptism and finalizing plans for weddings and for baptisms. Also ive had a few confrences with the other trainers this week. All in all, ive just been preparing the area and myself for a new missiorary. 

Ive been trying to change my mindset this week. Ive been focusing on all the good things about everything. Ive been looking for the good in my investagators, the members, the area, and my companion. This week has gone alot smother and has really been a realitivly easy week. There is so much good in this world, but yet it is so easy to focus in on all the negative. There is so much to be thankfull for, but yet often times we are ungratefull. There is so much to be happy about, but yet often we are very unhappy. Really, this is a personal decision. If we want to be happy, there is enough happiness in the world to make us happy. If we want to be gratefull, there is an abundance of things to be gratefull for. If we want to be positive, there is alot more to be positive about than neative. Really the choice is ours. Part of the plan of God is to give us the decision. But really, being positive and gratefull, and happy is always the better decision. The choice is ours. Family I love you all with all the strength of my heart. Thank you for the pictures. Reiken sure is GUAPO!! 

Love ya all

Elder High

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