Monday, August 10, 2015

Training a gringo!

Y entonces Familia! 

Tal bueno, so yeah, transfers were this past tuesday, and as I said, I am a trainer. I am the trainer of an awesome Elder named Elder Espinoza. The name is latino, but he is from Provo Utah. Yup, I am training a gringo!!!!  Its a real interesting expierience for me. Hes really good, but right now he doesnt speak a whole lot of spanish. Im not going to lie, I was expecting to train a latino, but I have no problem at all training a gringo. Hes pretty funny. He reminds me of me, especially during the first week. Im pretty used to everything here, but hes not quite there haha. Everything that i picked out my first week hes picking out. "The toilet doesnt flush!?" "yeah, youll get used to it..." "We dont have a shower!?", "yeah, we have a bucket, youll get used to it..." haha. 

Other than my new companion, things havent changed. I did not change areas which was a huge blessing. Last week we had two baptisms, and we have alot more planed for the coming weeks. This area is incredible! Last week we also had one wedding which was pretty interesting. Really Im kinda stripped for time today, but things here are going great. Theres so much i want to say, and no time to say it. Just dont worry, Im doing great!!


Con muchísimo amor

Elder High

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