Monday, July 27, 2015

Finally a picture!

Buen Dia

 Okay, I dont know where to begin this week. I have had more than a few really spiritually trying expieriences this week. I feel like Ive grown more this week than in any week past. The work is great, and is progressing, but ive learned more than anything, that we are here on the earth to be tried. There is no way out of it. We will be tried, in ways that are uncomftable, in ways that we dont want to accept. God has a higher plan to everything. We can not comprehend the higher plan that God has for us.

We have an investagador named Miriam. We have been visiting here every other day since the day that I got here 5 weeks ago. Little by little shes been starting to accept our message, and starting to read in the Book of Mormon. This week she was way excited to come to church for the first time. Her life was going great. She was content with her life, and she had no major problems in her life. We visited her saturday night, to verify that she was all good to go to church on the next day. I was not ready to hear what she had to tell us. We knocked on her door, and with tear stained eyes, she opened the door and let us in. She didnt say much initially, she just wept... We were deeply concerened, because we truly care about her, and we truly feel this undescribable love for her. She opened up and described her expierience on the previous night. She went to visit her mother who only is 60 years old. It was like normal, they were talking and just visiting, and then her mother said that she didnt feel too good. A few minuets later in front of Mirams eyes, her mother mother had a Heart Attack and passed away almost instantly. I did not know what I could possibly do to ease her pain and suffering. With her were 2 uncles, brothers of her mother, who were drunk, lauging and joking as if nothing happened, and then there was Miraim, weeping out of the love that she had for her mother. With her, we read in the bible about Christ being the prince of peace. Only through Chirst can we recieve peace in this life. We will all go through difficulties, we will all expierience pain and suffering, and only through Christ can we be relived. For Miriam, she is without hope. We are her hope. Her family doesnt care, Miriam was the only daugher of her mother, her mothers only friend. Weve taught her the plan of salvation, and she wants so desperatly to belive that it is true. I feel a great responibility to help her recieve peace and hope. I feel this deep love for her, and I want so desperatly to help her. Im not going to lie, Ive poured out my soul in prayer for her, Ive mourned with her, Im doing all I can to fufil my role as a personal represenative of the price of peace, the lord Jesus Christ. 

After reading of what happened this past week to Bill, I cant help but think of this expierience. Bill was a great friend of mine. I know that God has a higher plan for him. They can recieve a peace of mind only through our this gospel and through Jesus Christ. He is hope. He is Peace of Mind. I have a lot of praying to do this week, but we can and will be strenghted through the Lord.

Elder High
I thought you might like this. I got your package yesterday. I havent had time to take any really great pictures, but I think youd like to see my face after a few months! 

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