Monday, June 29, 2015

First letter after first transfer

Buenos días de San Francisco, Quezada, Comayaguela, Honduras! 

Yup, Im in a new area with a new companion. Im in San Fran. Honduras. I remember the time I visited San Fran in California. One of the things i remember most was the steepness of all the roads. Well, its no different than San Fran in Honduras. This area is literally built on the face of one the tallest mountains in Honduras. I thought Monterrey was built on a mountain, but Monterrey is a hill compared to this area. There are some real beautifull sights from my area. I overlook the whole city. Id love to send pictures as soon as I can. Other interesting things about my new area, is the ward. The church house is pretty small, but the amount of active members is huge. Yesterday, 200 members came to church. Thats really good for a ward in Honduras.

Alright, so Ive been here for 5 days now, and I have a decent vision of the future of the area. This area is bigger than my previous zone was. There is a ton of people here, and hardly any have heard the gosple. This area has a ton of potential, but it is a little dead right now.  When I got here, we had 0, nunca, zilch investagators. I was a little frustrated when I got here, because I worked so hard to build up Monterrey that was dead, and we were starting to find sucess in Monterrey, and then I get transferred to another dead area. Im literally starting from scratch here, but I know its possible to revive this area. It will take time, and a ton of work, but by the time im done here, this area will be thriving. 

The other new thing is my companion. my new companion is Elder Huanca, pronounced wonka. Hes from Bolivia, and he is in his last 3 months of his mission. Hes really good, and really experienced.  All in all, this area needs alot of work. But thats okay, because Im here to work. I know its possible to revive dead areas, because i revived Monterey, and i know people can change, because i am a witness of multiple people changing. If there is one thing that I have been learning more than anything so far, is the improtance of work. This is called mission WORK for a reason. Thats what im going to be doing this week, is working. Working with my companion, working at my area, and working with my personal weaknesses. I know that through my work, the lord will touch the hearts of those that im working with, and the lord will help me carry out this work. 

Como Siempre, mi amo ustedes con todo mi corazón, Yo orar cada día para su ustedes. La iglesia es la Iglesia de Jesucristo. Gracias para su apoyo durante mi tiempo aquí en mi mission.

Elder High

The Area...  So this area is alot more poor than Monterrey. It is really rural, but people here are really humble. The house is pretty nice, but we only have water for 1 hour every week. We have a 20 gallon bathtub that we fill with water in this hour, but together, me and my companion only get 20 gallons of water a week to shower, wash clothes, clean dishes, and for the toilet. Basicallly we shower once every two or three days. It kinda sucks, but we need the water for other neciary things. Because no water, the shower is useless, and the toilet doesnt flush. So its essentially the same life i was living in Monterrey.
Just have a good week!! Enjoy the 4th for me!!

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