Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gordo y guapo

Buenas Días mi familia!


So this week is my last week of training. Its crazy how fast time goes. Thats really something i dont like to think about is time. Time is limited and it goes by too fast. Anyways, there was a few interesting things that happened this past week. This week has been kinda a roller coaster week with ups and downs. During the beggining of the week, we were pretty low. Its been difficult to find the prepared people in this area. My zone leader told me not to worry too much because we are always planting seeds in everyones hearts. This may be my pride speaking, but i dont only want to plant seeds, I want to grow a few trees. Going with this parable, to grow trees takes time [patience] and work. So that is what weve been doing. Weve been patient with everyone, and weve been working. Little by little things are looking up. I havent grown any trees quite yet, but Weve been planting seeds in the perfect circumstances to grow some beautiful trees. Sometimes in the perfect circumstances, in the perfect dirt, trees wont always grow, or they wont always produce fruit. There is something restricting these trees from reacing their full potential. 


Right now in our area, one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is marriage. We have three familias right now waiting for a marriage. Unfortunatly, marriage here is really difficult, and really expensive. Its not worth it for people to be married here, so almost no one is married. We have three beautifull trees trying to grow, but they need to wait a season. And as I, the one growing and Nourishing these trees, its sad for me, because most likely i only have one season here. My work will go without reward. This has been hard to accept, but i realize in the near future, most likely after my time here, those beautifull trees will eventually grow and blossom.


I do not know if you remember one of my expierinces in one of my first weeks here. Me and my companion went to bless a man who was practially dead. That was almost 10 weeks ago. I do not know why, but we both got a impression at the same time to go and visit him this week. So we went and acted on our impression, and we visited him. He is doing a ton better. He literally was practially dead, and now he is completly fine. It was a really good thing that we decided to act on our impression, because we visited him in a time where he needed alot of help. One day before we visited him, his wife and his son left him. He was really struggling with accepting this. He was almost killed with a terrible sickness, and then his family leaves him. We had a really spiritual lesson with him, and we did alot of motivating. For him, we were a huge blessing. he credits us for saving his life, and then he credits us for calming his soul. This whole expierince was a huge testimony builder in so many ways. It is incredible the impressions of the spirit. Really there is alot of good here, there is alot of good everywhere. God is in the details. If we look for good, we will find good. This is true because im a witness of this. have a good week family, and enjoy your summer break! 


Su guapo y gordo hijo [ I broke 150 pounds this week :( ]

Elder High

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