Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Follow the commandments

Okay, This has been one of those weeks. There has been so much that has happened, that i can´t even think of where to begin. Really, I am not full of experiences, but my mind is full of thoughts that I need let out. So as a missionary, I invite people to act on good impresions and to make good choices. This has made me think of one of the laws of science. Every action has a reaction. Every action is either good or bad. Simple as that. There are two forces, two powers on on this earth. The power of God, and the power of Satan. Both are powerfull in this world, but the work of God is Eternal Life, and the work of Satan is to make man miserable. I dare say one choice is better than the other.


This has been a really interesting concept to me. It is interesting because everyone is born into this life without the knowledge and sin, and without sin. In an aspect, for a brief moment in everyones life, everyone was perfect in this life. It is impossible for a newborn baby to sin, and therfore is perfect. When I have met someone new this week, I have held that thought close. I think, Hey, he was perfect once upon a time, he doesnt remember, and he proabley doesnt know what is perfection, but I can help him become as he was. I can help him come close to perfection in this life. But all I can really do is help by extending my hand, and inviting people to move down this life walking in the light and on the path of God. I can not force people to do anything. Agency is a God given gift. Satan seeked to take away agency in the premortal, so if I force people to act, it is against the ways of God, and is an act of Hypocrisy, an act of Satan. But when people exercise their agency and deny us and the power of God, I feel like Stan is winning. I feel like I have failed, but I understand that everyone has their agency. It is a tricky road. It really saddens me to see people who have chosen the ways of Satan, and have chosen to follow man, not God.


That brings me to another one of my thoughts. King Benjamin in Mosiah said that the Natural man is an enemy of God. Man is not God. Man´s ways are not God´s ways. When man puts his thoughts and his actions above the will of God, corruption enteres his heart. God has laws and Commandments. Corrupt governments are typically the offsprings of men who deny the commandments of God. Persons living under the reign of corruption typically live a life without happiness. Mosiah 2:41 says that those who obey the commandment of God live in a state of Happiness. God has a perfect knowldge, and gave us commandments for our bennificial, and to protect us from the power of Satan, which I testify is very real and very powerfull. ( ask tanner if you curious)


Obedience brings protection and blessings always. God knows us perfectly, and knows what is best for us, so he gave us commandments. He wants us to be in a state of happiness, but we all have our agency. Living in obedience to the commandments of God brings us to a state of true happiness, and guards us from Satan. Evil is not good, and good is not evil, light is not darkness, and darkness is not light, Wickeness never is Hapiness. The lord said ,¨My ways are not your ways, my ways and thoughts are higher than yours.¨ Just stay obedient to the commandments of God. These are some thoughts that ive had this week. Sorry for the lack of expierinces, but all in all things are good like always. Stay true, and never put yourself above that of God. Love you all with all of my heart.


Con amor Ayer, hoy, y para siempre

Elder High

some super chill investagadores of ours and our kevin, our convert

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