Monday, July 6, 2015

A positive attitude is key!


 Entonces, Creo que ustedes tuvimos un  muy bueno semana! Estoy muy feliz para ustedes!

So yeah, This was definitly another week. We have been working like none other. I actually have a way powerfull companion.  Once we are out of the house, we do great work. This week has been proably my best week to date number wise. We have contacted countless people, and right now we have 12 really positive investagators. We started the week with nothing, and now we have 12 people preparing to be baptized. We have essentially revived this area in one week. I am convinced that this area is the best area for missionary work in not only the whole mission, but the whole world. That has been my attitude this week.

Everything changes when we changed our attitudes. We started to look into the future and not into the past this week. We started to be positive with everyone. Our attitude dictates a ton in this work. I knew that there were prepared people in this area, we just had to find them, and have the attitude to find them. And what do you know, we found them all right. I still belive that there is alot more people in this area who are ready for the gosple. As I said, this area is the best area in the world.

Other things this week, we got a new president. This is bitter sweet. Presidente Fortuna was extremely powerfull, and really loving. Right now, I really know nothing about Presidente Ferman, but like the work, Im having a positive attitude about him. Presidente Fortuna created a great atmosphere and a great foundation, and Presidente Ferman will build upon that foundation and build up the work here even more than it already is. 

Really nothing much else has happened this week, just alot of work. Things are going good here, and yeah. Enjoy your summer, and Have a great week!!!

Con bastante amor

Elder High

Ha, im reading in right now, and The first presidency just anounced this week, that Suit coats are not required in my mission now

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