Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When it rains, it pours!!!


So its great to here that your living it up in Florida, and that you get to experience a little bit of the heat! Actually, this week has not really been all that hot. That is because the rain season is starting. Every day this week it has rained. And when i say rained, i mean rained. I have never seen rain like this before. It creates instant rivers in the streets, and just everything is wet. I dont know what id rather be, Wet, or dying of Heat. Oh well. So I really dont have a ton to write about this week. This week was pretty normal, but it was a roller coaster week. We had alot of ups and downs this week.


This week we had a conference with all the new missionaries in the mission. Esentailly it was a how are you doing up to this point, and how is your trainers. It was kinda difficult because we talked a little bit about numbers, and our success up to this point. At the moment, me and Elder Chirinos had 0 investigators with a baptism date, and 0 investigators who are progressing. Elder Ang and his trainer had 18 investigators with a Baptism Date, and 20 that are progressing. It was so difficult not to compare ourselves to them. After the meeting, Elder Chirinos was really kinda angry and stressed, and he felt like he wasnt as good as the other trainers. It was kinda a difficult time, but we talked through it, and refocused ourselves. 


The next day, we changed our mindset, and we went to the basics. The previous weeks, when we would teach, we would kinda brush off the importance of the invitations to act. We dicided to make the commitments, the invitations a priority. We were a lot more direct, and we really stressed our  focus on the commitments, and we had the best day yet. We recived 4 baptism commitments, and alot of other commitments . It was pretty great. I truly believe there is a reason for everything, we just dont always know what the reason is in the moment. Sometimes we need to be humbled to realize our weaknesses and mistakes. I am humbled every day, and when i am humbled, that is when i learn the most. I leave these things with you and cant wait to talk to you in 6 days!!


Elder High

His companion being goofy.

A motorcycle that an investigator bought.  This picture shows just how hilly the area is.  When he said nothing was flat, he wasn't kidding.

Bradin saw this Landcruiser in central Comayaguela.  Pretty sweet!

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