Monday, May 18, 2015

Another great week!

Hola de Honduras!


So yup, another great week in the mission. This week again has been crazy fast, which i dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Really, all in all, not much has happened with investagators. Me and Elder Chirinos have been spending alot of time this week knocking doors, and finding old investagators of old missionaries. We have found a handfull of really great people who we feel we can really help. That is what we are here to do, help people. We have been using service as a great way to contact and meet new people. We serve everyone in every moment possible. It´s difficult at times, but when i serve, i come to the realizatation that i am here in this area as a represenative of The Lord Jesus Christ. I am acting as the hands of work for The Lord. This is kinda a huge burden, acting as the represenative of Chirst, but there is great power. It is really quite increadible the power that is given when we take upon ourselves the name of Christ. 


Other news this week, my first transfer period was this week. In my district there are 8 missionaries. before the transfer, there was 3 Nortes, and now I am the lone Gringo... I am fully developed in the Latin Culture now. I do not have a white guy even in my district to rely on. It is actually a really good thing though. I feel like i am leaning spansih so fast. Its difficult because i feel like im forgeting my English. I have spoken 0 English in the past 7 days. Writing you in english is the only time that i get to use my english.. haha. Also just to let you know, grandmas package came this week. Freaking Granola bars!! I was almost in tears it was so good!! Haha! Other than that, a pretty normal week of missionary work. Yeah, The Church is true, the is great power in the gospel.


Siempre con amor

Elder High


His new district
Playing a little Futbol

I have no idea what this is!

Bradin's zone leader - He's from El Salvador

The new zone.  He sticks out like a sore thumb!

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