Monday, May 11, 2015

The letter after the best phone call ever!

Hey Family!!


So another week down. It was really good to talk to yall yesterday, it really lifted my spirit. In a short 7 months we will get to talk again! It crazy how fast the time goes. I´ll only get 16 transfers, and this week is my second. I get 6 more weeks with Elder Chirinos and then we will part ways. I honestly do not have a ton to write about today, just things are great as ever here! Every day things get better. The weather has been improving everyday, my spanish has been improving everday, and our sucess is improving everyday. Its incredible to see how the lord works. He works in his own time, not in my time, but his time. Its hard to have the faith and to belive, but it is so worth it to stick things out. Gracias por todo de su amor. La Iglesia es verdadero


Elder High


 Baptisms- So yesterday we had a baptism of 2 teenage brothers. Alejandro and Roberto. They are super good kids who made the right choice. 8 months ago the missionaries baptized their parents, and for the past 6 weeks, us and the sisters in this area have been tag teaming teaching the boys. All and all the whole family is super great. In the 8 months that the parents have been members, the havent missed one day of church. They have the goal of having their family sealed in the temple, and having their boys baptized was one of the huge steps.

Cars- So honestly i do not know. Ive heard that the Asistant to the President gets a car, but i really dont know. Other than possibly the AP, no missionaries get cars.

Elder Chirinos- So Elder Chirinos and his mom have been members for 5 years. His father isnt a member and really doesnt support Elder Chirinos at all. Because he doesnt have a pasport, he wasnt allowed to leave for the CCM, so Elder Chirinos didnt go to a CCM. 

Monterry, Honduras - This gives a good idea of where Bradin is living.  The houses are literally built on top of each other.

I'm guessing this is a homemade dumbbell.

Baptism of Roberto and Alejandro.  I believe these are their parents that were baptized 8 months ago.

Alejandro, Roberto, and the counselor in the bishopric.  This man has been a second family to the missionaries.  As a mother, I am very grateful.

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