Monday, April 27, 2015

Another hot week!

Hey Family!
Another week down. I have a few things to write about this today. Again this week, none of our investigators are making any progress. Me and Elder Chirinos spent some time this week thinking about how we can change that. The best idea that we had, was to involve the ward and stake into our work, so that´s kinda been our focus this week. Lucky for us, our ward and stake are all about missionary work. Everyone is super supportive of our efforts, and is super willing to help. The use of the members is seriosly a huge help. When we bring members to the lessions, it gives our Investagators a friend. Also in this area, most all the members have friends who know verry little about our church. All the members are a huge help in finding people to teach. Everyone, including the youth.
On Saturday, we had an activity with the youth. All of the youth in the ward thought of friends who are not members, and then me an Elder Chirinos split up, and took the youth, and visited their references. This was a super great activity for us and for the youth. For us, we made some new investigators, and for the youth, they got to be missionaries for a few hours. It is so Incredible to see how active the youth are in this ward. Every young man and woman in this ward has a missionary plaque, similar to mine that says, ¨Future Missionary.¨On Sundays, the youth wear their plaques with pride, and they know that they will be a missionary some day. 
I have one other neat experience that happened this week. One of the members in the ward called us up this week, I think it was on tuesday, and said that he needed help. Of course we are always willing to help, so we accepted and ran over to Isaac´s house. When we got there, Isaac told us the problem. One of his good friends son, was super sick, and Isaac wanted us to give him a blessing. We abliged and visited the house of Isaac´s friend. Inside laid the son, on his bed. He did not look good. He could hardly open his eyes, and he could only barely move his arms. He could not speak, and his throaght was severly swollen. He practially looked dead. When we entered, we spoke with the mother. The mother told us that he can listen, but can not respond to us or speak with us. We then proceded to ask the mother a few questions. We found out that they are not members of the church, but she had strong faith in Christ. She belived that anything is possible through the power of Christ. She didnt really know what to think about us offering a blessing, but she was desperate, and willing to try anything to help her son. We then briefly taught about faith, and then proceded to bless the son. My companion annointed, and i blessed. I remember that i had know clue what to say, and keep in mind that i do not speak a ton of spanish, but when i laid my hands upon that mans head, words came to me. I do not know what i said, but it was what Heavenly Father wanted me to say. As we left, the mother was in tears, and me and Elder Chirinos just went, ¨Whoa.¨ I do not know what has happened since tuesday, but i can say, and i can testify that there is power in the priesthood. The power is real, and it is incredible. Family, I love you so much!!
Elder High

Entonces, Preguntas
Kelci- Yes, tell Kelci happy birthday for me, and tell her good luck in florida.

Heat- It is extremmly hot. The heat is the one thing that im struggling with right now. We walk all day in deathly hot tempertures. I have not yet adjusted to the climate yet, i hope i do soon.

Jose- So there is some huge problems with Jose. Jose is ready for baptism, and want to be baptized, but he just cant right now. Jose is not married to his girlfried. That is the big problem. Weve been working with them to work out a weding, but there is some huge problems with Kathrine, the girlfriend. Kathrine doesnt have citizenship here. Without citizenship, she cant be married. It will proably take aver six months before kathrine an get citizenship and can be married. So Jose can no be baptized. it is super sad and unfortuante, but it is what it is.

Ward- Our ward is a really good size. Attending church on sundays is the only time where i feel like im in the states. The members are super great, and the youth program is super strong.

Referels and dinner appointments- So the ward is super good with referals, they are our biggest help. Typically we dont have dinner apointments, but often we have lunch apointment. There are some members that we will ocassionally visit that always feed us. If we are hungry we will visit family Martinez or Family Wendy, and they always will make us food.


Con amor

Elder High

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