Monday, April 6, 2015

Finally!!! A letter from Honduras

Hola from Honduras!!!!

Holy cow, I made it. There is so much that i have to say, but not much time. This place is so different. My area is called Monterry, and it is in central honduras. I am in Tegucigalpa, nobody here knows the difference between comayuaguela and tegucigalpa. The houses here are litterally built on top of each other, and everyone lives in one room tin sheds. It is a major culture shock. Ill attach some pictures for you. In my house, there is no toilet, we have a backyard and a bucket, there is no shower, we have a water bucket for that, but we do have a fridge, which is a huge blessing. That is the way everyone lives down here, I do not know how people do it. There are alot of really good people down here though. Currently we have 15 investagators, and 22 more who we have visited, but we dont have time for right now. It blows my mind that everybody here is super accepting. We have spent a little bit of time knowcking doors, and not once have we been rejected. Every single person belives in God, and in Christ, but most people do not attend a church, but they want to. Our work here is crazy. We always have investigators to teach and investagators to baptize and investagators who are ready for the gospel. Im not going to lie, it is really tough work. Trying to remember 37 investagators and their difficulties and problems, and where they live is really tough. My area is essentially a five mile square, but none of it is flat, and is is all vertical dirt paths. I have gone to bed every night this week just beat dead. This already has been the hardest thing i have ever done, but it is for such a good cause. There are so many pople here who want the gospel, There is no time to rest. You shouldnt worry about me, I am under the protection of the lord. It has been difficult for my stomach to adjust this week, but im starting to improve. I feel like my spanish is decent, but people here speak a really slang version of spanish called Vos. Im starting to pick up on it, but according to other norte missionaries, it takes about 6 months before one starts to feel comftable. Everything will come in time. Thank you so much for the pictures, it is so good to see the family, and the food. Not gonna lie, the food here is rough. Tortillas, beans, and nastsy goat cheese, oh well. I love you all so much. Thank you so much for everything father and mother. I know am coming to realize how much of blessing i had to be able to grow up in a strong family, who was rooted in the gospel, and who lived in the united states. Life in the states is so nice compared to life outside. Thank you so much for raising me and building my foundation. Ill send another email with answers to questions and other stuff, but for now, Hasta Luego


Con mucho mucho Amor

Elder High​



My hair- yeah, i dont have it anymore oh well. I have a crazy story about it, and the crazy barber, but i dont have time to tell it right now. Remember it for when i get back.


Conference- In my zone, there is one other norte from utah, so we watched conference in english together, it was really good. There were some really powerfull talks given.


My compañero- My companion is Elder chirinos. He is actually from noth honduras so he is totally used to this place. He is a newbie like me. He is only in his third month, and im in my second. He was trained by elder woodland which is funny, because Elder woodland is that guy from Idaho Falls. I am only Elder chirinos 2nd companion, both of his companions have been idaho boys. hes a really good guy, and yes, he is as short as he seems haha


Easter- Not really a big deal down here. They celebrate the whole week as the Santa Semaña (the holy week). Yesterday seemed like just another day. 


The heat- yeah, its hot.. Everyone says that this week is the hottest week of the year, i dont know why. It got up to 120 last week, crazy.


Stuff i need- My black pants are the death of me. My companion only has brown pants, just like my brown levis( my favorite pants) haha. If you could send brown pants, light brown, dark brown, or gray pants, like my levis, that would be faboulous. Other things, mabey some more sd cards, and a usb with church music would be cool. If every you find any cool ties, pack those as well. Also granola bars are heaven, and fruit oatmeal is the same. and more body powder, other than those, i dont need a whole bunch. I love you so much!!!


Elder High
His kitchen
Leaving Guatemala

The city where he is serving in Honduras

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