Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last full week in the MTC!!

Buenos Dias Mi Familia!

So this will be the last time I get to write you in Guatemala. Its crazy how fast its been, but on the other hand, its crazy how slow its been. Theres a saying around here that the days take forever, but the weeks fly by. This time next week I will proably be in Honduras which is super exciting. I am so ready to enter the field, but at the same time I am scared to death. Speaking my broken spanish to real people is terrifying. I already feel bad for my first companion who has to deal with my faults in the language.. haha. Everything that has happened this week and next week has been and will be last minuete preporations for the field. For the next 3 or 4 days, i have nothing but devotionals and seminars.  It will definatly be a nice change of pace from the normal CCM scheduale.


So this week has been kinda a difficult week, but its been really an eye opener. So in my district, there was 7 members. 4 Elders, 3 Hermanas,Sisters,. This past week, one of the Hermanas in our district became  really sick and ended up spending a night in the Guatemala hospital. She had some sort of parasite and she ended up getting sent home, because there wasnt alot they could do for her here. Also one other Norte in the group below me got sent home for a similar reason. It is really sad to see and super hard to imagine being sent home after 6 weeks in this place. Our district has been pretty tight because there is just so few of us, so it was hard for our whole district and for our teachers. But the night before Hermana Brady was sent home, we had a district devotional. That was one of the most spiritual moments I have ever experienced. It is so hard to even think about what the lord has in mind for us, but he always has something. Trials are put in our path to strengthen us. When difficult things happen in our lives, it is so easy to forget about the lord and to forget that he knows us and that he wants us to progress and to learn. But when we are in the middle of trials, when we are in the middle of our difficulties and our struggles, that is when the lord is willing to help us the most. That is when the lord wants us to Humble ourselves and The lord wants us to recongnize the power that comes through him. This whole experience here at the CCM has been extremly difficult, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I would definatly say it has been the hardest spiritual and mental thing that i have ever done. But I have learned so much from everything that has happened here. This missionary work is not an easy task, but it is so worth it. I have been doing things that i never have thought possible before. I can freaking hold conversations in spanish with latinos, and Dominicans, and real people who only speak spanish. It has only been 5 weeks!! There is no way that i could ever learn a whole language this fast without the help of the lord. Me and my companion have taught over 30 lessons this week in only spanish! There has been some incredible experiences that have occured because I am here willing to serve the lord, and I am willing to consecrate all of my time and talents to the lord. I am a living testiment that miraculous things come to pass though the power of the lord. I love you all so very much, and I pray every morning and night for you all. Never forget the lord, and he will never forget you.


Elder High

Mmkay. Question time


Are you excited- Um yeah!! I am super nervous but i am so ready to convert all of honduras to the gospel!


How has your week been- Excellente! No problemas aqui


Sinkhole in Guatemala- I had no clue about sinkhole here. I guess the day before i arrived, one of the volcanos 50 miles form here blew its top, so the whole sky was filled with soot and ash. Kinda cool, but I havent seen any sinkholes. There are earthquakes everyday, so it doesnt suprise me.


Did i get my camera- No... I wish. I took some pretty sick pictures with the elders when i was in the airport, but unfortunalty i cant get them now. I havent seen my camera in 6 weeks now.. ugh. Oh well, ill get to send pictures next week hopefully.


New missionaries- So the transfer window is every six weeks. So the only Nortes going to Comayaguela are me and Elder Ang, but there are 5 or 6 Lations in this transfer heading to Comayaguela. Its kinda fun to talk to the latinos who are heading to Comayaguela.


My spanish- It is definatly not perfect, but i can speak well enough to get my point across. It blows my mind how fast ive learned. my vocab is still weak, but I know itll come in time. My knowlege of gospel terms is alot better than my knowledge of everyday terms. Its kinda funny that i know the significance of saccerdocio, y arrepentimiento, but i dont know how to say fork, or knife, or fingers in spanish. Oh well


Tell tanner to read his email, i have some improtant stuff that i need him to do for me! Thank you for keeping me updated on life at home. And thank you for the picture, its really good to see dad and tanner


Con Amor

Elder High

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