Monday, April 20, 2015

2 months down, 22 to go!

Hey Familia!

So im oficially more than 2 months in, crazy!! This week has been super fast. Honestly, all in all, nothing extrodanary has happened, Pretty chill week. We´ve spent alot of time this week looking for new investagators. We have a ton of investagators, but hardly any of them are progresing. Alot of the people down here just want to talk with us. They are always super accepting, and super nice, and seem to be super interested, but they dont ever do anything. We´ll ask people to read a pamphlet, or a chapter in the bible, but when we folow up in the next visit, they never do it. One example of this is church. This week, 20 investagators said they would come to church, and yesterday, not a single one was there. Its super difficult because i cant force them to act. They say they will act, but they just dont... Its funny because when we get people to act, they are almost always converted. Oh well. All in all, things are pretty good down here. Honduras is a pretty chill place. It´s funny because we´ll ask people ¨como esta¨, or ¨que tal¨(hows it going, and whats up) and most people respond with ¨tranquilo¨(chill).

This place is great. Super different, but great. It is deathly hot down here, but other than the weather, things are awesome! I love you all, The church is true.


Con mucho Amor, Siempre

Elder High

My week- Excllente!

Things I need- I think im good!

Font- Si, the church has a verry nice font. Our Capilla is super beatifull. it is this huge church is kinda a rough area, but it is increddible. 

Couples- There are a ton of unmarried families. Marriage is not a big deal down here. People just dont care about marriage. Also, its super sad, but there is a ton of single mothers. More than half of the houses that we knock belong to single mothers.

Ward or Branch- We have a ward. There are on average around 150 members who attend church. Its a way decent size ward. The church is super strong here. Other cool things about my area, the stake president lives in my area, so we take advantage of that quite often.

Settled in- Deffinitle. Things are way better now. The food is pretty normal. it took a few weeks, but its all good now.

Clothes- We wash our clothes by hand. We have a sink and a washing stone, and then our dryer is a clothes line. Actually, I kinda like it. I feel like it cleans better, and its kinda peacefull.

City- So Monterry is in Tegucigalpa. I honestly have no clue how close i am to downtown. All i really know is that Monterry is considered Tegucigalpa.

Dawson- Thats sweet. I guess that the spanards accent is super odd. They speak in a super high pithched voice. I bet dawson will love it. Thats nuts that little dawson has is call, crazy!

Mothers day- So ve heard that we get to Skype. There is a few internet cafes that have webcams. I honestly dont know whats going to happen. Ill fill you in when it gets a little closer.

Anyways, Take care, talk to ya next week

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