Monday, April 13, 2015

Yay for Monday!

Hey! Que tal familia?

Thank you so much for everything, serriously. mmkay, where to begin... So this week has acually gone by pretty fast. It has been difficult to adjust, but Honduras is slowly starting to feel like home. This is not easy, but i was never expecting this to be easy. So this week i have had all sorts of crazy expieriences. Me and my companion have had a few really good investigators. Every one of our Investigators have different problems and questions, but through the power of the holy ghost, they have been able to come to the knowldege of the truth. So we have had one investagator named Jose. Jose is an exxcellent person, and his family is just amazing. Jose has a 1 year old son who is just the joy of Joses life. Well this week, joses little boy got sick, really sick. The little boy was sent to the hospital, and ended up passing away. But somehow miraculously, 5 minuets later, after the boy was pronounced dead, the little boy started breating again, and has made a complete recovery in just a few days. I can not explain it, Jose can not explain it, the doctors can not explain it. It has truly been miraculous. Through this expierience, Jose has been humbled, and weve meet with jose almost everyday this week. He has been making incredible progress, and has commited to baptism on the 25th. I can not explain the workings of the lord, but it is incredible. Also this week i had my first baptism, so yeah, the lord is moving the work forward. Honestly, this mission is an incredible opportunity. It makes for long days, and it is difficult, but i am loving it. This church is so true. Our father in heaven knows us, knows our problems, and our difficulties. I am so greatfull for this church, and the knowldge that i have about it. I love you all much!


Con Amor

Elder High

Mmkay, so i got 60 minuets to write in the CCM, but i only get 30 here... so i do not have time to answer questions, but i will try to answer them next week. I dont know if you have spent the package yet, but if you havent, there is a few more things i would like. Golf pants are perfect, but not black ones, please. Also, i did not bring a white p day shirt. All of my shirts are black... Also as i said last time, if you see any cool ties, send them my way. Im doing pretty good on money. I get about 150 dollars every month, which is enough to live off of, but not comfortably. Every now and again i may take out 20 dollars, so just keep an eye on my account. There is a few things i need to buy here, so ill proably take out some money today. So yeah, just keep me in your prayers. Think of this, mothers day is in one month. In three or four more letters, youll get to have a phone call with me. Time really flys by. I love you so much

Elder High


                                                        Cooking something

1st baptism
I'm guessing this is his attempt at making a hotdog in a bun.  It actually doesn't look too bad.

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