Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 3

Another week down! Thank you so much for the emails, and thank you so much for the package. I wish i wouldve had the opporunity to meet your friend, but I kinda get trapped in class and i dont get to leave much.

Again i appologize for having P day on wednesday, its not my call. i dont even know where to begin with this week, it has just been crazy.

Last tuesday my district and a few others had the oppourtunity to tour guatemala city. Let me just say that this city is just nuts. Nothing makes sense in this city. There are really no laws when it comes to roadways, so the biggest vehicle always has the right of way, and the none of the streets are straight. The downtownish area of the city is actually way beatufull. There are tons of cathloic cathedrals and just some beautifull architecture. The purpose of our tour of the city was to go out and talk to real people. We spent the majority of our day in the central park of Guatemala City, and we just talked to people. This was extremly difficult because my spanish is still basic at best. It was a really good opportunity though. Me and Elder Ang talked to over

20 people about our religion and about their religion. between me and Elder Ang, we handed out 8 copies of the book of mormon. There was not a single person who we talked to who did not already have a belief in God and in Jesus Christ. People down here love the savior, and all in all, they want to know more about their savior. I was supprised by how many people knew nothing at all about this church. People were really intriguied when we told them that we had more books of scripture and that our book testifies of Jesus Christ in the American continent. I am so ready to go out and start with my mission. My spanish is still not great, but this week my spanish has improved faster than i thought was possible. Me and Elder Ang teach about 4 spanish lessions a day to fake investigators and real investigators. This past week, we have not really brought any notes into any of our lessions. Weve just brought us, our scriptures and the spirit. My first two weeks i would be reading my lessions off of a sheet of paper. This week, ive been able to teach lessions without reading them. it is incredible to see how much the lord helps with my huge weakness of the spanish language. The lord really comes through when i need it the most. So president did follow up on his promise to me. I ended up giving a talk in sacrement meeting. I was so ready for it because i already knew it was happenig, but it was still a little scary. In my brach, there are 10 nortes and

60 latinos. It is crazy to how supportive the lations are towards us nortes. Every one of the latinos wanted to congratulate me for giving a talk in spanish, and every one of them wanted to help me with my spanish. The lations have been really eye opening to me. In these three weeks i have meet about 100 latinos. It is so neat because they are all here for the same reasons i am. The come from different backgrounds than I, but they still struggle as i do, and the still have the same desire to serve the lord and to bring others unto christ as i do. Its so easy to get trapped in the bubble that is Idaho and Utah, but there are strong members of the church all around the world.

These latinos sacrifice way more than what i have sacrificed i feel.

One Elder named Elder Sanchez was a member of the Mexican national Ping Pong team. He had a bid to the olympics, but he turned it down to serve God. It is just incredible to see examples like this from all over the place. I am extremmly saddened to hear about Gary, but because of this gospel, Our family will be toghether again. Everyone one of us are children of God. Because we are children of God, that makes God our father. Because God is our father he loves us. Because he loves us he gave us our families. Because he loves us he gave us a plan to be with our families for etenity. Because he loves us he gave us a way to follow his plan. The way is through the savior. The savior was perfect, but he was a man and he had to go through mortality just like we are. The savior sacrificed everything to do the will of the father. The savior was not always loved. There is a beatutiful scripture in John 15 18. The whole chapter of John 15 is incrediblle, but the savior went through more trials and torments than anouy one of us could imagine. I testify that because of the saviors sacrifice, We
live again, and we live with our families.  Elder High  

Alright 5 minuets for answereing questions. My enter key doesnt work so i appologize.Its is so good to not be the greenie anymore.The new guys are super overwhelmed and confused just like i was my first week.

Still it is just me and Elder Ang going to Comayaguela, but most likely some latinos in the next group will leave with us. No travel plans yet, I have no clue whats going on in three weeks. Also since I forgot to mention it in my email. Tell Chase congratulations for me.

it is so cool that he gets the opportuinity to learn portugese in the land where it is spoken,. He will love it. It is such a blessing to be part of a small CCM. Everyone knows everyone and you really make great freinds with all of the teachers and all of the missionaries. He will love it. Elder High

Questions part 2    I have gone to the temple 3 times and it is

incredible. It is beatufull in a very simplistic way. There are a buch of eggs and beans for everymeal. And i have gotton sick and it sucks.

Just a basic flu but it isnt fun   Elder High


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