Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 2


So our p days are different every week, so i get to write you today!

Before i start, i want to appoligeize for my poor typing skillz. I am using a spanish keyboard that hardly works... barely any of the punctuation keys work, oh well. So this week has been pretty crazy.

Here at the CCM, its constantly go go go. I have class time from 7 30 A.M, till 10 P.M. Im in my class room for all of the time except for one hour where we get to go outside and play volleyball. It is a good scheduale, but it just makes for really long days. The two weeks that i have been here have felt like an eternity. It has really been really good. I have learned a ton in these past two weeks. I have learned a ton about teaching, and i have learned a ton about how to communicate with those native speakers of spanish. Tommorw is my first transfer day. All of the latinos, and one group of nortes head into the field.

Its kinda weird that people are allready heading out. We came in the same day as the lations, and they are already done. There are a few of the latinos that i really am going to miss. Me and my district have spent many hours teaching and just talking the lations. There is a ton that i love about them and that i can learn from them. The lations laugh at just about everything, and they are just super genuine. They are so helpfull with my spanish. I guess that theyve been asked to try to learn english, so we do this trade off where i teach them english, and they teach me spanish. They are super patient with my lack of spanish. There are a few lations that for the past week have been coming into my room at 10 P.M to play a few rounds of UNO. We joke and laugh and try our best to understand each other, but its all fun. To the lations I am either Harry potter, or I am Justin 2 haha. There is this one norte who has blonde hair, so the lations call his Justin Beiber. Elder Nielson has no reseblance to Justin Bieber, but thats what the call him. I have no clue why they call me Justin Beiber 2 but oh well. I have a few crazy experiences from this past week. So on saturday, we had 2 hours to play sports. I decided to play basketball with a few other elders, and President Cox came out to play with us.

For being an older man, President Cox has game. He has this wicked larry bird hook shot that never misses. Anyways President was playing with us. About halfway into the game, me and President cox were going at it pretty good. We were both going pretty hard. We were both cutting all over the court, and in an instance, we kinda collided..
President lowered his head as he cut and his head hit me squre in my left sholdure. He immedialty screamed in pain. He said he felt a jolt down his arm all the way down to his fingertips. He stopped playing after that.. Yeah, so i kinda broke Pres.. I talked to him yesterday, and hes fine. We joked and he said that im going to have to give a 20 min talk in sacrement meeting in spanish. Seriosly though president Cox is such an incredible man. He really knows everyone in the CCM and he really cares about each of us. He gives a devotional every sunday and they are just incredible. He has this way about his words that just seems to get everyone fired up about missionary work. He does an incredible job of silencing our doubts and comforting us. He is also an extremly funny guy. He is constanly telling jokes and is always trying to lighten the mood. He has disrupted our class a few times, just he he could tell a joke to us. He is just a really good guy. Im very curious to know what is happening back home, so im expecting 2 emails from you next week!! Also i have a few pictures that i will try to send to you. One is of my district, and one is of the CCM. This church is true. The gospel was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. There is a prophet of god on the earth right now who is Thomas S Monson. I know that God answeres prayers, because multiple of mine have been answered this week. I know that the book of mormon is truly another testament of christ. I have read through 3rd Nephi 11 about 10 times this week. God does love us, and he does know us and he knows our concers. I love you all extremly much. Elder High

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