Thursday, June 9, 2016

Buenas Dias Familia!!!!
So changes are real.. I honestly dont know how to feel because Im leaving Monterrey. After 8 months here, im finaly out. The Interesting thing is that I am going to the area Santa Fe, Zone Country. It is located in Tegucigalpa, heart of the city.  What is interesting is that I have already been in this zone. Laureles is in this zone, so again I am going to be the zone leader of my old zone haha. I am going to be with and Elder Johnson from Utah.. He is a legend in the mision, Im pumped to be with him. Im excited for the next change, like alwalys, with changes comes new opportunities to learn and to improve.
So this week here in Monterrey has been a pretty normal week. This past week we have been focusing on building trust with the members. We got a new ward mision leader who challenged us to go  out and really get to know the members on a personal basis. So thats what we have been doing. Preach my gospel states that when we build a good relationship wiht the members, the results will improve. Preach my gospel also says that we need to look for ways to serve, love and teach the members. Its been a fun process, and after 30 something weeks here in this ward, I finaly feel like I can say that I have a good relationship with the members. These are things that I have learned here so that I can take them to my next area. Im excited. Really I dont have a lot of experiences this week, just hopefulness for the future. Take care Family!!!
Elder High

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