Thursday, June 9, 2016


YO Whaz Up!!??
So yes, I am now in the land of the holy Faith i guess haha. Ive left back my Mexican Gringo companion in Monterrey, and im now with a whiter than me utahan!! Elder Johnson is the bomb. THis past week has been such a freakin blast with him. One very intersting point about him that makes me admire him, is that he has been here 23 months,. and goes home in 5 weeks. The thing that normally happens with most missionaries is that they become what we call baggi or trunky, just words for they just want to go home. Elder Johnson is the opposite of normal missionaries, he has promised the lord that he will work his butt off up till his last day. I came in knowing that he is going home this change so I was expecting him to be a little lazy. Adding on it, he had to get an ingrown toenail removed one day before the changes. I thought we wernt going to be doing anything this week, but to my suprise, we worked our buttts off. Due to the toenail of my comp, he couldnt wear shoes for a decent amount of the week, but that didnt stop him. He worked in freaking CROCS!! I dont want to scare you or anything, but Santa Fe is one of the more dangerous area of the mission, and there are two whities here, and for a good chunk of the week, one was in freaking crocs. There may be a lot to fear, but we arent afraid. I am so pumped to be here, and I had such a miraculous week. 
The ward right now is in a little bit of apostasy, but we continue. There is no bishop, the elders quorm president is less active. There are more than 1000 members registered in the boundraires of the ward, but yet only about 100 came to church. Besides the problems, when there are difficulties there always comes blessing. In the ward, between 2 companionships, we brought 17 investagators to church on sunday. There is so much people ready for this gospel jammed packed into every nook and crany of the area. I think I have a few pictures of how densly populated is my area so you get an idea. We got work to do, but we are willing to get er done.
I have a ton of photos to show yall this week so accept them. Like always, the church is true!!
Love yall
Elder High
1.  My new area 
2. All of those houses is my dominion
3. My new Comp hes huge and white
4.Elders of the Zone
5. Some really great investagators. It was the little girs birhtday so we baught her a piñata

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  1. My son is Elder Johnson, and he just loves Elder High! I'm so grateful such a good man is sending my son home from Honduras. Love our couragous missionaries!!! xoxo