Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Yeah, so mabey this time, this would be my last week in Monterrey.. hahaha Nah, I love it here, but 31 weeks in a very smal area is alot of time. Who knows, mabey God needs me to spend even more time here. So changes are next week just so yall know. So other cool things that I found out is that in my mission, we the elders are authorized to wear sweet hats now haha. Me and my companion are going to go on a hunt to find some Sombreros today! yeah, things are pretty good right now.
So this week was a pretty fun week. On wednesday, out of the blue, President Ferman called us. He wanted to know every street of every neighborhood in our Zone. For the first time in my mission, I got to use a car to show President our Zone. It was different hahaha. On thursday we got to go take Julie and Omar, two of my recient converts to the Temple. It was really cool. Honestly, there is nothing better as a misionary than seing your converts in white in the temple. It was a special expierience, Julie is working in family history and her goal is that in the next few weeks, she want to go and do baptisms for her grandmothers. Neat stuff. This week was honestly a great week. I hope that you all also have a great week!!
Elder High
 My future hat hahaha
My companion, a parrot, and a chocolate bannana
My companion and the lights of Tegucigalpa

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