Monday, July 20, 2015




So this was another pretty busy week. There was less meetings and more much needed teaching appointments. This week weve been praying for miracles. Weve been praying that things will turn aroung here, and that our investagators will have a desire to change and come around. And what do you know, weve recieved a few different miracles this week. 


We have one investagator whose name is Vanessa. Vanessa has come to church every week since ive been here. She reads in the book of mormon ever night with her son. Her son is 7 years old, and he loves the church. He made his mom buy him a white shirt and a tie so he could be like the missionaries. He wihtout a doubt is going to be a future missionary. The problem with Vanessa, is she needs to be married before she can be baptized. She understands the importance of marriage, and she really wants to be married because she wants to be baptized, but the porblem is with her boyfriend. I have never met the guy, but Vanessa always said that he doesnt want to me married and she doesnt know why. Theyve been living together for almost 10 years, so the fear of obligation wasnt the problem. We were really confused and really kinda sad for Vanessa. Anyways this week, out of the blue, we recieved a phone call from the boyfriend who weve never talked to before. He set up an appointment to talk to us about whats holding him back from the marriage. Essentially, last year he had a run in with the law, it wasnt anything serious, but Vanessa didnt know about it. He was afraid that when he took out the papers for the marriage, the past event would be highlighted in his history. We talked through it with him and he realized that it wasnt anything seriuous enough to keep his wife from happiness. He accepted to be married after this miracle meeting. This week weve been working though the papers, and they are being married and baptized on the 1st of August. 


There was countless miracles this week, but there is one more id like to share with you. I do not know if you remember Walter. He was the boy who was near death, and me and Elder Chirinos blessed him in my second week here. Well, the last week we were in Montererey, we started visiting him and teaching him. At this time, he had problems with his wife. His wife left him, and she took his son with her. He didnt understand why, but he felt like he could recieve peace through the church. My last Sunday in Monterrey, he came to church with us, and that was the last ive heard of him. Well this week we were in social security officies helping Vanessa with her papers, and there in the office was Walter and his wife. After I got transfered The sister missionaries started visiting him. He kept coming to church, and 2 weeks ago, his wife came back to him. This week he was preparing to be married to her, and they both are being baptized in the 1st of august. This man has experienced so many miracles, and always I have been part of them. I feel blessed to be part of his life, and I feel blessed to be a witness of the miracles of the lord through this man. I can not describe how happy I am that he is being baptized, and that his wife came back, and that hes getting married to his wife. I do not know if my path will ever cross with his again, but I am so gratefull for the expieriences Ive had with this man.


Really that has been my week, a miraculous week. Ive been doing the same things Ive been doing in the past, just trusting in the lord, and I have witnessed miracles. The Church is true family, just the church is true!



Elder High

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