Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The day he bought a machete

Muy Buenas Dias mi Querido Familia!
Yeah, Honduras is so going to win their first olympic medal. So honestly here, people could care less about the olympics, for that reason theyve never won anything. The only thing that really matters is Futbol, soccer. Let me tell ya, Catrachos, hondurans, love their futbal. Everyone and their dog plays all day everyday out in the streets. Me and Elder Martinez were in a lession with one of the very few hondurans that doesnt like futbol on saturday, when Honduras scorred the goal. This country went crazy.. hahaha. I am in heartland Tegucigalpa, and everyone in this freaking city lost it when Honduras scorred. THe whole city erupted with shouts and screams, and then came the firecrackes. Literaly, 5 minuets straight of anyoine and everyone throwing firecrackes.. hahaha.. Yeah, I heard that Honduras won... 
Other than Futbol, this week was actually quite good. We've been trying to do all that we can to help this poor little ward of Santa Fe out. Still, we dont have a Bishop.. Its very sad to see a active ward with more that 130 asisting members every week, have no leader. This church is the true church, and it is a church that doesnt change or adapt with the philosphies of man. If a man isnt worthy to be bishop, he wont be bishop. And thats that. The Ward is in a very rough patch right now, but what is thriving is the mision work. Honestly, the mision work is what is holding this ward together. The members get excited when we bring new people to church. Members are more willing to visit with us than to fufill with their callings. Its good for us, just not ideal. Weve been trying to think of ways to balance it out, and weve decided to try to leave more with members without callings and with priests and youth. Almost everyday this week we were able to go out and work with some great youth. From what weve seen, its been working. We are hoping that this saturday we will have a few baptisms. It would be good for us, but even better for this ward. The work continues.
Also just a few little things,1. Elder Paiz finished his mision last tuesday. You should try to look for him on facebook, Joseph Paiz. 2. Today I buy a machete 3. Happy Aniversary!!!!!!!!
4. Love yall
Elder High

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