Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Buenas Diahsmm

Buenas Diahsmm [thats how they speak here....] hahahahaha
Oh yeah, im still here, thats great news!! Not going to lie, things are tough here, but I dont even care, the church is true!! hahaha!! The power of positive thinking always beats out rough times. Really, when i think about it hard, this week was actually really great. I had the opportunity to go on an interchange with the APs, the asistentes of President, I got to help a youth who i taught before go to the temple to be baptized for his father who passed away a few years back, and im still here as a missionary. Thats a pretty good list of pretty good things id have to say! Things are keeping on going great here!
So this past week I have done some deep reflexcion about many things. More than anything, about who I want to be. Ive thought, man, itd be nice to be persuasive, to be powerfull, to be loving. I have many examples of people who are persuasive, people who are powerfull, and of people who are loving, but what ive realized, is that I dont want to be like any of them. It doesnt matter if im powerfull or if im this or if im that. Really, my examples are not perfect examples, no one is perfect, so it is impossible to have a perfect example. My only perfect example is that of Jesus Christ. Really, he is the only person who was perfect in everything, so therefore, he and only him can truly be my example. If I try to be like Christ, If i try to teach like Christ, If i try to love like Christ, I will become pursauasive, powerfull, and loving, not in a the way that man wants, but in the way that God wants. My desire, and my goal, is to become like Christ. I am a long, long way from becoming like christ, but little by little, I can get close. The closer I get to Christ, the closer I get to perfection, and to my desires. The only way to perfection is through Jesus Christ. 
Really, I have learned alot this week. When things are tough, we have to keep going. When things are tough, we have to stop focusing on the bad and focus on the good. The church is true!!
Love you all so much!
Elder High
This boy is the first person Bradin baptized.  He was able to go to the Temple and do baptisms for his father who had passed away. So awesome that he is still active and doing good.
 Honduras Temple
  What a goof!

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