Monday, January 11, 2016

Much work to do

Buenas Días mi querido Familia
Alright, First off, I want to give my appoligy for not writing a whole bunch last week. I have been insanly busy, and have had to make a few sacrifices. I promise I will always write at least that I am still living, but at times, I get swamped and cant write my normal essays. Yes, I am still here, and I am still doing what ive always been doing. As I mentioned, I have had to make some heavy sacrifices in these last few weeks. That is one of the higher laws of heaven that i have learned a ton about in this past weeks. The bigger the sacrifices, the bigger the blessings. We essentially sacrificed our whole week last week to help the other missioners in the district motivate some investagators, have baptism intervews, and to put together 5 baptisms in the district. Ya know, these 5 people may not be my converts, but thaks to the sacrifices of me and my companion, there are 5 new members of this church which is good enough for me. 
There has also been a few other big sacrifices that have been made this past week. So we have been working in the town of Campamento for the past 10 weeks. Last week, Presidente called and told us that we need to start working in a other town about 45 minuets out of Campamento called Concordia. There is no members, there is very few buses that go there, and it is realitivly small. The thing is, is that there are so many people ready to be baptized and ready to be a part of the true church, but there is no means of doing so there, there has never been missionarys there. Essentially, presidente has asked us to start up a new brach in this small little town. We are still living in campamento, but every morning, we wake up and take a bus down to Concordia to spend the day of work there. It is a huge sacrifice, but it is expaning this church into new grounds. We have the hope and the prayer that next change President will put Elders there full time to open the area and to officially open a branch. 
I fell like i am in the prime time of my mission. I have never felt better. Literally, we are helping so many people come unto Christ. Not always diectly are we doing this either. i love what Elder Uchtdorf said about simplifying our life, because often times, it is the simplest things that we do, that define us, and impact others. We dont have to be living a giant complicated life, doing a ton of complicated things. Christ taught that through small and simple things, grand things come to pass. Through a tiny bit of Faith, comparable to a mustard seed, mountains can move. Like always, you all are always in my prayers. That is something small and simple that I am doing to help you indirectly. Just keep on keeping on doing those things which are small and simple. 
Su amado hijo 
Elder High
Entonces, no lo tango un montón de fotos para enviarles, pero si tango algunos.
 La primero es de una tipo de Fruto riquísimos se llama leecha, o en ingles dragonfruit. 
la segunda es de una restaurante se llama food and fun que esta en un lugar se llama talanga. 
La tercera es de la comedor donde comemos almuerzo y cena cada dia. pagamos cada quience días, y comemos todos jaja!
Elder High
 Food & Fun
Where they eat lunch and dinner everyday. They pay every 15 days.

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