Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ya, so this is going to proably be a short one also. We are currently waiting for a call from Presidente, because tomorrow is changes, and there is actulally a good change that im out sadly. When we get the call, we have to split to get things prepared. 
So this week was a week of trial. All sorts of things happened. I still have the mountain of work that doesnt seem to have an end, and we ran into a few problems in the district this week that restricted our work. First off, there is this new outbreak of a disease called Zika. One of the sisters contracted this disease, and had to get sent home. That sucked, but it was what it was. The other sisters in the district had a man ready to be baptized. He passed the interview and everything, but in the last minuet, he decided itd be better to wait a week or two. The other Elders had 4 baptisms in this last week, so we had to go down to their little town 4 times this past week to conduct the interviews. Really i have no complains about the week, just the work that we had, hasnt gone anywhere, its still waiting. Hopefully this next week we will get more time for us to do our work. 
I really am ready to go wherever i need to go and do whatever i need to do. If the Lord needs me here in Campamento for another change, ill stay. If the Lord needs me to go, Ill go. So yeah, Ill keep yall posted!
Keep on keeping on, and have an excellent week
Elder High
Not sure where this is at, but maybe overlooking Campamento
Just look where that road goes - up!!
More scenery
Looks like pineapple. Pretty cool to have all that fresh fruit.

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