Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The fruits of his labors

Buenas dias familia!!


Alright, so this week was crazy, and this week was amazing. So much happened this week, and there is so much that i wish to tell you all,but like always there is limited timed. I am still here in monterrey, which is a huge blessing really. We were able to go on interchanges, I already know this area, so i was able to stay and teach another misionary in my area. We have also had time to visit many very special families. I remember when i first started myh mission, I wrote a letter talking about a blessing that I gave to a man named Walter, and then later on how he came to church, and then latter on I ran into him into the social security office,Well walter is a member know, and him and his wife are strong strong members. My first convert has a calling in the church and is preparing for a mission. Countless people that I was teching beforehand were baptized. When I was serving in Monterrey before, I had only one baptism in 3 months which is very little for this mission, but from the fruits of my labors, many more were broughjt to the church. Again, all I have to say is THE CHURCH IS TRUE.


So me and my companion have been working with a christlike attitude this past week. We pray every morning that God would put someone in our path that we can help. We pray every morning that we can be a blesisng to someone. Maybe we are not doing the most work, and maybe we are not getting the most success or getting the most numbers, but I can say that we have helped somone in someway everyday in this past week. I love this work, I love helping people. I testify that if we look for someone to help, and if we go around with this type of attitude, God will help us help someone else. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!


Love yall

Elder High


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